All Region Auditions, November 16th

Hey JH Parents!

Our All Region Auditions are on Saturday, November 16th at Alvarado Junior High. We will be taking buses from KJHS to Alvarado leaving at 8:15am. YOU MUST BE ON TIME!!! The Band hall will open at 8am. We will not wait because we have a judges meeting that we must attend. We are also needing some parents to attend to be the director’s eyes and ears while the auditions are happening. During the auditions, all KISD and every other ISD’s directors will be in the rooms judging the auditions. Our parents are the adults in charge while we are unavailable. We should be back to the school around 3:30 in the afternoon. I will have students text parents when we are leaving Alvarado.

Every school brings some parents to the auditions to help supervise. Those schools are only bringing 30-40 students. Kennedale has entered 102 kids for this audition. So any parent that wants to help supervise the hallways and gyms while we are judging would be GREATLY appreciated!

Please let me know if you would like to help on this day in Alvarado.

Student dress is jeans and their band t-shirt.

Benjamin Brown

Kennedale Junior High Bands


Axe ‘Em Jacks

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