All Region Clinic/Concert Help


Just to update you all on our All-Region event THIS Friday (12/6) at the PAC:

So far we have:

water, Dr. Pepper, and Coke

Chick Fil A breakfast chicken minis


If anyone can donate some breakfast items for the director’s lounge, that would be great! Again, we are hosting the entire region’s band directors all day on Friday at our PAC. We are in need a breakfast casserole or two, some breakfast burritos (sometimes taco cabana will donate a free box or two for a school event), a fruit tray, a little bit of pastries, coffee (with creamer/sugar/etc), and anything else that you would think of for a breakfast buffet. Food can be dropped off at the PAC starting at 7:30 up until 8:15am.

We have one parent signed up to help work the judges lounge, and one to help deliver lunch to the 200 students from across the region. We will need a parent or two to run to Cici’s pizza on little road and pick up 55 pizzas at 11:15 and bring them back to the PAC (I have a check for that parent to pay for it). We will also need a few more parents to help pass out the lunches. Lunch is served at noon for the band kids. After the lunch rush around 1pm, we will have some down time where some parents could cut out if they need to.

Thank you in advance for helping us put this event together for the entire Region 30 All Region students!

Benjamin Brown

Kennedale Junior High Bands


Axe ‘Em Jacks

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