All Region Lunch and Info

Hey Parents!

Those students going to All-Region Auditions this Saturday will be fed a lunch from Chick Fil A. I am having sandwiches delivered at noon for the kids. There will be a small concession stand available for students to purchase items, however we do not want kids eating a lot of candy and getting hopped up on sugar right before their audition. They have been instructed to not buy candy from the concession stand until after their auditions are over. And then for lunch they will receive a chick fil a sandwich, chips, and a bottle of water. Our students will sit together and eat, AND CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES. We plan to be back in Kennedale by 3:30, but it may be slightly earlier or slightly later depending on the speed of the auditions. I will have students call/text when we leave Alvarado as that will give the parents about a 30 minute heads up. Again, students are to wear jeans and the band t-shirt…and be at the JH by 8am. We have to load the trailer and leave by 8:15. We will not wait as the directors have a judges meeting to attend on site at Alvarado Junior High.

Benjamin Brown

Kennedale Junior High Bands


Axe ‘Em Jacks

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