Welcome to Baritone/ Tuba Class!

My name is Mr. Diaz and I am VERY EXCITED to have you in class this coming year! Make sure you and your parents bookmark this page. We will be using our website to post assignments, direct you to resources, and stay in contact.

Rental Instructions for Ellis County Music

Ellis County Music, our preferred music store, has you covered! Watch the video below for instructions on how to buy your supplies ONLINE!

Ellis County Music Rental Application

When prompted, select the Supply Package Option. Baritone and Tuba are School-owned instruments and you will only need a Supply Plackage.

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Required Supplies

Lesson Plans

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Baritone Class Handouts

Tuba Class Handouts

Videos & Reference Recordings

The tuba and baritone (also known as a euphonium) serve as the foundation for any brass section and for the entire ensemble. Their wide and encapsulating sound elevate the ensemble’s sound and presence, playing one of the most vital roles in any piece of music. Together, both instruments can produce a sound that no other combination can create as seen in both videos.