Welcome to Trombone Class!

Trombone Rental Instructions for Ellis County Music

Since we will be starting our year online, we will not have an in person rental meeting. Ellis County Music, our preferred music store, has you covered! Watch the video below for instructions on how to rent your instrument ONLINE!

Ellis County Music Rental Application

When prompted, select the Instrument Rental & Supply Package Option

The Avengers: Endgame and Star Wars, like many other big name shows and films, are a trombone player’s dream. These videos show all types of trombones that are in the family including tenor, bass, and contra-bass, among others, as well as just how versatile the trombone is. Through soaring high notes and powerful low tones, the trombone is one of the most unique instruments out there.

JAA Beginner Trombone Google Classroom Code: Coming Soon