JH Band performing with HS Band, 9/13

Hey Parents!

Our JH band will be performing at the HS stadium with the Kennedale Wildcat Marching Band on Friday, September 13th! Students need to arrive at 5pm at the PAC dressed in their band shirt and jeans. 8th grade students have been assigned a HS buddy who will help them get answers to anything high school related. This is a very special opportunity for our 8th graders that not many schools get to do. Kids need to be at the PAC by 5pm and they will eat at 5:15pm. Once the 8th graders get to meet and mingle with their HS buddies, they will march into the stadium with the HS band. Once in the stadium, they will perform ON THE FIELD with the high school band for the football team to run through from their tunnel. The band will be playing the fight song, and possibly the Hey Song…all from the field! Then, they will sit in the stands with the HS band and play several stand tunes until half time.

After ½ time, we will all walk back to the PAC to pack up our instruments. Parents will need to pick up their child around 9pm from the PAC. If students are allowed to go back into the stadium to finish watching the game, we will need permission from a parent/guardian. Please email your permission to Mrs. Macias at maciase as she is collecting them. The deadline for submitting permission for a return to the stadium is Wednesday, Sept 11th. If we do not get a permission letter by that time, your child will not be returning to the stadium and will need to be picked up at the PAC. We are cooking hot dogs (most likely) for dinner for the kiddos. We are also looking for some donations of bottles of water and individual bags of chips. We will need enough to feed 200 students. If you would like to help corral the students at the PAC and while in the stands during half time, that would be great! This would be a great opportunity for the parents to mingle and see how to get involved with the Kennedale Band Booster Family!

Students will also need their flip folder and lyre for this performance. Mrs. Macias and I, as well as the high school staff, are looking forward to seeing all our JH kids at the high school night!!

PS. We have added a Facebook group to our page to make it more private. When you get a chance, please visit our Facebook page and click on the group. You will have to be accepted into the group so only parents/guardians will be there. This should hopefully make everything more private rather than completely open to the public. www.facebook.com/kjhsband

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