Welcome, 7th Grade Beginners!

I am very excited to meet everyone and, most importantly, MAKE MUSIC! We will be using this website for communication, lesson plans, and MORE. Make sure that you and your parents bookmark this page for easy navigation.

Instrument Rental Instructions for Ellis County Music

Since we will be starting our year online, we will not have an in person rental meeting. Ellis County Music, our preferred music store, has you covered! Watch the video below for instructions on how to rent your instrument ONLINE!

Click the link below to go directly to the form:

Ellis County Music Rental Application

When prompted, select the Instrument Rental & Supply Package Option for:

Saxophone, Trumpet, or Percussion

Google Classroom Code

Brass: bz3b5pl

Required Supplies

Refer to the instrument specific beginner pages under the “JAA Beginner Classes” tab at the top of the page.

Lesson Plans

Folder with Daily Agendas and Lesson Plans

Links to Online Instruction

Coming Soon








Watch the playlist above to watch some of our country’s best give a brief introduction into the common instruments in the band world.