Summer Camp NRH2O Trip Wednesday

Hey Parents!

Our summer band trip to NRH2O is tomorrow, 7/31. Students need to arrive at the KJHS Band Hall at 8 for rehearsal. We are leaving for the park around 9:15. If you would like to register your student that morning, that is fine, however we cannot wait after 9:15. When students arrive at school in the morning, they can wear their swim suits and shirts. Ladies please wear shorts over your swim suit bottoms. Bring a towel, sunscreen, and money for lunch or locker rentals. We are not providing lunch, however you can make a lunch ahead of time and we can bring it in our coolers. NRH2O asks that no commercially prepared food be brought in the park. Homemade sandwiches and such are fine. From NRH2O’s website:

We ask that glass containers, sharp knives, alcohol and restaurant/store prepared packaged food and beverages, such as boxes of pizza, fast food, and drinks from restaurants, gas stations, etc., not be brought into the park. NRH2O has multiple food outlets that serve a variety of items, such as pizza, hamburgers, snacks and ice cream. We do realize that some families appreciate the option to bring in their own food and beverages into the water park. Therefore, coolers with food and beverage are permitted; there are no fees or size restrictions for the coolers. As a reminder, our guests’ bags and coolers are checked at the front gate.

We look forward to a fun day in the water!

Mr. Brown and Mrs. Macias

Benjamin Brown

Kennedale Junior High Bands


Axe ‘Em Jacks