Pre UIL Tuesday 2/25


Our Pre UIL contest is today, Tuesday at the PAC after school. Students need to be at the PAC, dressed in their all black concert uniform at 5:45pm.

This contest will have judges giving us feedback so we are prepared for our UIL contest next month. This is a required event for all band members and has been on the Band Calendar this entire year. This is not a long night. As soon as the band plays our 3 pieces on stage and then sight reads in the band hall, they are free to go. The students should be finished between 7pm and 7:30pm.

Band Uniform:

All Black shirt/Blouse

All Black pants

Black Belt


Solid Black Dress Shoes

Ladies hair in a pony tail

Benjamin Brown

Kennedale Junior High Bands


Axe ‘Em Jacks

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